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May 28, 2024

Why Your Business Needs A Wireless Internet Backup Solution



When you run a busy, thriving business in today's challenging market, it's vital to have uninterrupted internet connectivity. Every modern business function is underpinned by digital technologies, from POS systems for payments to fleet management to optimize your logistics. But without a backup internet solution, your business is at risk from the impact of internet outage incidents. When your internet goes down, the risks and costs can be serious. Productivity plummets, revenue is lost, there may be compliance and contractual performance issues and your customers may lose trust in your business. In this article, we will look at the reasons to invest in a robust wireless internet backup solution as part of your business continuity and look at what options are available, including features and benefits, ease of implementation, and implications for budget. We'll also touch on the main FAQs that business decision-makers tend to have about these solutions.

Why invest in a wireless internet backup solution?

Simply put, Wireless Backup Internet Gives Your Business ‘Always On’ Connectivity! We've already touched on the reputational, performance, and financial risks to your business operations during an internet outage. So by investing in a Wireless Backup Internet solution, you automatically help to safeguard your business from operational downtime and a spectrum of potential financial losses. The main summary benefits of these services are:

  1. Flexibility

    - wireless data backup supports your business data anywhere and any time, even for mobile and remote employees with an internet connection.

  2. Automated

    - wireless backup internet can be scheduled to run on an automated basis

  3. Off-site

    - these services use cloud storage and remote servers to remove the risks of on-site data loss (e.g. through fire, flooding, human error, etc.)

  4. Scalability

    - wireless backup internet services scale readily around your business needs

  5. Fast recovery

    - if data loss occurs, these services provide rapid and easy data recovery in just a few clicks.

  6. Cost-effective

    - wireless data backup services are cost-effective, particularly compared to physical storage solutions, such as external hard drives.

What are the common causes of internet outage incidents?

Experiencing an internet outage? The main causes include understaffed IT departments, security threats including hacking, hardware, software, and human error, power issues, old equipment, natural disasters, and provider issues. With so many potential causes of internet outages, it's vital to have a backup plan in place.

How frequently do businesses typically experience internet outages?

Broadly speaking, internet outages are unavoidable and can occur frequently for businesses without reliable access to solid internet providers, such as those in more rural areas. One of the most serious examples occurred in Canada in 2022 and saw almost 25% of businesses affected by a nationwide outage that lasted for over a day.

How do wireless internet backup solutions work?

Backup internet, which is also known as internet failover, is a secondary connection that seamlessly kicks in if your business's primary internet connection goes down. This means that your business continuity kicks in and ensures your operation is less vulnerable than if you relied on just one network.

Are there different types of wireless backup solutions, and if so, which is best for my business size and type?

Yes, you can choose from backup internet solutions that include local fiber services, 4G LTE cellular, DSL or broadband, and satellite. It's best to seek tailored and expert advice for your business and its unique needs so that you make the right investment in the best possible backup internet solution. At WOW! Business we offer secure, reliable, 4G LTE coverage with optional battery backup to safeguard your business.

How quickly can backup internet restore internet connectivity?

A good wireless backup internet solution should work seamlessly and instantly to kick in and restore internet connectivity when the primary provider network goes down.

What are the costs associated with implementing a wireless internet backup, and how do they compare to potential losses from outages?

Research by Gartner found that the average cost of internet downtime was $5,600 per minute for a business. But the costs can far exceed this. When Facebook went down for 14 hours in March 2019, the outage cost them c. $90 million. Potential outage costs vastly outweigh the cost of wireless internet backup solutions.

Are there any security risks associated with wireless backup solutions?

There can always be security risks with digital services. For example, if data is stored via the cloud, there can be access risks. However, these can be mitigated by the right systems, such as secure access and encryption, to protect data breaches.

How can I test the efficiency and reliability of my backup internet solution?

There are various software tools available to help you test your internet service, including your wireless backup. At WOW! we can support you with this testing to demonstrate the integrity of our services.

Can a wireless backup internet solution support all my business operations, or are there limitations to its capacity?

The right wireless internet backup solution can be implemented to meet your full business needs with the potential to scale and flex as your business does. Speak to the team at WOW! Business to find out more.

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