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Whole-Business WiFi

Upgrade to premium coverage and control

WOW! Whole-Business WiFi is the ultimate mesh-network solution, providing steady streaming, video conferencing and more, all for less than you think. Powered by eero, it supports hundreds of device types and offers easy management via mobile.

Quick Set-up + Mobile Management

Use the eero app - with step-by-step instructions and built-in optimization tools - to set up your network quickly without interrupting your business.

Guest Network + Login

Visitors to your office can simply scan a QR code for easy, secure (and isolated) access to your network.

Best-in-Class WiFi Security

Your network is automatically protected against the latest threats, keeping your devices secure and your business running smoothly.



How Whole-Business WiFi Works

eero's proprietary TrueMeshâ„¢ solution employs multiple low-profile devices, set strategically throughout your office. The system automatically finds the best route for your network traffic, switching paths when necessary to avoid interference and to deliver robust, wireless connection in every corner.



Manage everything in the palm of your hand

Our easy-to-use mobile app simplifies network management and eliminates the need for IT intervention. Easily control network settings, security, connected devices, and the guest network, all from the palm of your hand. Plus, the Whole-Business WiFi system updates automatically, delivering new features and improved performance.

Whole-Business Wifi starts at $19.99 and includes one eero Base and one eero Beacon. Additional devices, for greater coverage, can be added at checkout.


The WOW! Difference

  • Speed

    Share files quickly, communicate seamlessly, and advance your business with the fastest Internet speeds on the market.

  • Reliability

    You'll get peace of mind with the security of a privately owned and managed network.

  • Value

    WOW! packages are priced to fit your budget and drive your business.

  • Support

    Our dedicated, locally-based account and IT teams provide 24/7 support.

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