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Whole-Business WiFi

Fast and easy to use — our most complete Business WiFi solution

Upgrade to the best WiFi coverage and control

WOW! Whole Business WiFi is the ultimate business mesh WiFi solution. This highly advanced network delivers steady, top-quality streaming, video conferencing and much more—and the low cost will surprise you.

With Whole-Business WiFi, powered by eero router technology, you get low-cost, easy to manage, seamless coverage throughout your organization. Keep your company and your customers securely connected 24/7—without sacrificing speed or performance. Spend less time troubleshooting your internet performance and more time focused on your business.


  • The network is easy to set up and maintain. Have more time to focus on your business.
  • A mobile app gives you the power to manage your network settings. Take control without waiting for expensive IT support.
  • Automatic nightly updates download new features and improve performance. No more time-consuming manual updates.
  • Visitors scan a unique QR code to log on to a separate guest network with its own login credentials. No need to help users connect to your network.


  • Hundreds of connected devices are supported automatically and reliably without sacrificing speed or latency.
  • Simultaneously stream data on multiple devices. Get a fast, reliable connection, regardless of the device or location in your business space.


  • Automatic software updates ensure best-in-class security for your network. You’re automatically protected from the latest threats, so your business is secure and runs smoothly.
  • Devices on your guest network are isolated from each other, and from your main network, for more secure business transactions and safer surfing.

WOW! Internet works for you.

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How Whole-Business WiFi Works

eero's proprietary TrueMesh™ solution employs multiple low-profile devices, set strategically throughout your office. The system automatically finds the best route for your network traffic, switching paths when necessary to avoid interference and to deliver robust, wireless connection in every corner.

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Manage everything in the palm of your hand

Our easy-to-use mobile app simplifies network management and eliminates the need for IT intervention. Easily control network settings, security, connected devices, and the guest network, all from the palm of your hand. Plus, the Whole-Business WiFi system updates automatically, delivering new features and improved performance. Whole-Business Wifi starts at $19.99 and includes two eero devices. For greater coverage, more devices can be added for an additional cost.


Experience safety and security for your business.

Whole-Business WiFi is more than an amazing mesh WiFi system. It’s the tool that keeps your business and customers securely connected. It also helps keeps your devices protected against cyber threats, and speeds up the internet by limiting ads. Whether you have a waiting room or just a back-office, Whole-Business WiFi helps keep your employees and customers safe and secure from potential malicious threats.

eero Plus is an add-on service that can provide added protection to your existing Whole-Business WiFi system from WOW!. With eero Plus, you get all the tools you need to manage your WiFi, bundled in a simple subscription.

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eero Plus


What's included with eero Plus:

  • Security - Protect the devices on your network from online threats.

  • Safety - Keep your business safe with content filtering.

  • Insights - See how your devices use your network.

  • Experience - Ad blocking for better browsing and streaming.

  • 1Password - Password management made easy for your business.

  • - Easily connect to VPN for when you're home and away.

  • Malwarebytes - Protect your devices from viruses.

Built For Your Business, Safe and Secure

An easy-to-use mobile app gives you ultimate control over your company’s network without the need of an IT person. Control network settings, connected devices, the guest network and security, quickly and easily. The system automatically updates with improved performance and new features.

Keep your business and customers securely connected, protect devices from cyber threats and limit ads that can slow you down. Whether you only have a back-office internal network or a virtual waiting room for customers, Whole-Business WiFi provides complete protection.

Make the switch that makes the difference

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Drive your business with the fastest internet on the market.



Focus on your business—not your connection—with our secure network.



Choose a package that fits your budget and your business.


24/7 Support

Get support when you need it with U.S.-based IT teams available 24/7.

Whole-Business WiFi FAQs

  • What is WOW! Whole-Business WiFi?

    Whole-Business WiFi is the ultimate mesh-network system. It’s reliable and secure for complete, nonstop coverage when you can’t afford a moment of downtime. Step-by-step instructions and built-in optimization tools make it quick and easy to set up and maintain.

  • What is eero from WOW?

    Eero’s proprietary TrueMesh™ system is a low cost, high return system. Multiple low-profile devices are set strategically throughout your office space. The system automatically finds the fastest and most reliable route for network traffic.

    The eero mesh system switches paths as needed to avoid interference and deliver a robust wireless internet connection in every part of your facility.

  • What is eero Plus?

    This add-on service adds more protection to your Whole-Business WiFi system. You’ll get a full suite of tools needed to manage your WiFi, bundled together in a simple subscription.

  • Does WOW have unlimited Internet?

    In most service areas, WOW! service contracts include unlimited data. Whole-Business WiFi starts at $19.99 and includes two eero devices. If you need greater coverage, devices can be added for an additional cost.

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