WOW! Business FAQs

Business Internet Service FAQs

Will my cable modem work with WOW!?

For the best experience, we recommend using WOW! supplied equipment. Whether or not your cable modem will work with WOW! service is determined by its DOCSIS version. While several versions of DOCSIS modems are available, WOW! will only support modems that are DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 compliant as they incorporate up to date technology.

A DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 cable modem can be used for some WOW! Internet speeds, but customer-owned modems may not be capable of getting our full Internet speeds.

For guidelines on using your own modem with WOW! Internet, click here.

Why can’t I connect to the Internet?

A simple reboot of the modem, computer and router can sometimes fix this issue. Unplug the power to the modem and computer. If you have a router, unplug the power to the router also. After unplugging the power to these components wait one minute then restore power to the individual components. Restart your computer. If this doesn't resolve the issue, call WOW! Business Support.

What is the process to upgrade my Internet connection speed?

It's very easy. Simply call your local Business Account Representative or WOW! Business Support. Often upgrades can be handled over the telephone and can be completed in 24 hours.

How do I get more email accounts or a larger email box?

Additional accounts are available by simply calling your local Business Account Manager or WOW! Business Support. If more storage space is required, WOW! Business offers expanded storage options as well.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that helps protect computers and other devices in a network from outside access and threats. Designed for a network Firewalls environment to monitor, allow/deny, and log inbound and outbound activity according to the security policy configured for the firewall. Depending on the number of users in your business, the type of firewall you need will vary.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is software that's intended to take partial control of ones computer system, usually for the benefit of a 3rd-Party. This software typically is used to monitor a users web-browsing for marketing purposes, redirect a user to an advertisement site, or theft of personal information.

What is an Ethernet cable?

An Ethernet cable, more commonly known as CAT-5 cable, is high-signal integrity cabling known for its speed capabilities of 100Mbit/s. This is typically the type of cable that connects a Cable/DSL modem to your computer or to your router.

What is an email application and what are different email applications?

An email application is 3rd-party software that allows one to send and receive email from their desktop instead of using a Web-based mail utility. Examples of email applications are as follows: Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Eudora.

What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol. This is an application-layer protocol that allows a user to transfer files from his/her own computer to another computer using a 3rd-party FTP Client.

How many computers can I connect to my cable modem service?

As many as you need. WOW! Business provides the cable modem and you can network as many work stations as needed by connecting the modem to a router. We would be happy to recommend local companies that sell and service routers.

Is my connection shared?

All connections to the Internet are shared at some point. Since all connections are shared, providing a high speed Internet experience depends on your ISP's network capacity, scalability, and overall architecture. Our network, locally, and our gateway to the Internet are designed to be highly scalable, providing increased network capabilities as demand increases

Is my WOW! Business cable modem Internet speed guaranteed?

We deliver quality service and closely monitor our network to ensure maximum performance. However, the consistent delivery of speed varies based on many factors, including customer specific equipment configurations, potential network congestion during peak loads and Internet activity beyond the WOW! Business network. Therefore, actual customer speeds may vary and cannot be guaranteed.

Can I choose a Dynamic IP or Static IP with WOW! Business Internet service?

Yes, the choice is yours. WOW! Business provides a Dynamic IP address or a Static IP with Internet service. A Dynamic IP address will be assigned unless you request a Static IP address.

Why would I want a Dynamic IP?

Dynamic IP is the default IP setting on most computers, making network configurations simpler. Additionally, if outside users do not need to access your network, a Dynamic IP will likely satisfy your business' needs.

What is a Dynamic IP?

Dynamic IP is a numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address that is temporarily assigned to your computer or modem only for a specified duration. A Dynamic IP often changes on your computer between Internet sessions as opposed to a Static IP that does not change.

What is the difference between a Dynamic IP and Static IP?

Static IP does not change when you log onto your WOW! Business modem, whereas a Dynamic IP may change between sessions. A Static IP is a numeric, fixed Internet Protocol address always associated with your computer.

Is the speed of WOW! Business Cable Modem Service comparable to DSL?

WOW! Business Cable Modem service is consistently fast no matter where your business is located, whereas DSL service typically gets slower the farther your business is located from the telephone company's central office. Accordingly, even if the local DSL provider advertises high speeds, these speeds may not be available in your area. Even if you are located in the heart of a DSL service area, it's unlikely that your local DSL provider can offer the same peak download speed performance available from WOW! Business.

Business Phone Service FAQs

What's the difference between Business Lines and Centrex Lines?

With a Business Line, you are able to simply pick up the telephone and dial a number. With a Centrex Line, you must first dial "9" to get and outside line before dialing a number. Telephone features on Business Line must be ordered a la carte. Centrex Lines include Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, and Three-Way Calling on each line. Currently, Centrex is only available in Evansville.

How do I find out about advertising my company in the Yellow Pages and the White Pages?

You can check your local phone book for Yellow Pages advertising information. WOW! Business does not publish a telephone directory. With WOW! Business as your telephone provider, your information will still appear in the Red Pages of the local phone directory, unless you specifically request a non-published or non-listed directory number.

Does WOW! Business sell telephone systems?

In select markets. WOW! Business offers Hosted VoIP and Matrix Hosted VoIP service. These services provide customers with a cloud-based / virtual phone system.

Business Cable TV Service FAQs

How do I reboot a digital or HD receiver box?
  1. Push and hold the power button until the word "boot" is displayed on the receiver display.
  2. Release the power button after the word "boot" is displayed.
  3. When the time appears on the receiver box display, turn on the receiver box.
  4. Pioneer or Passport will be displayed on the television monitor.
  5. Once Pioneer or Passport is gone, the picture should return.
  6. If the issue persists, please contact WOW! Business Support at 1-888-969-4249.
Does WOW! Business offer high-definition television? Does it require specialized equipment?

WOW! Business is proud to offer crystal clear high-definition television. A high definition set-top box is necessary to receive high-definition programming.

What is Secondary Audio Programming (SAP)?

A secondary audio program (SAP) service is carried alongside a television channel as an alternative to the standard audio that accompanies the video portion of a program. Listeners can choose this secondary audio signal through either a television, a stereo VCR equipped to receive SAP signals, or a special SAP receiver. A portable SAP receiver allows traveling individuals to catch all the audio from their favorite television show. The SAP feature allows a TV station to broadcast other information to the viewer through the audio receive system. That other information could be the same program audio in another language, or something completely different, such as weather information or Descriptive Video Services (DVS) for the visually impaired. DVS is a service where a narrator describes the action of a scene during pauses in the dialogue. Audiences can hear that an actor sadly buries his face in his hands, for example. As another example of S.A.P. application, ABC regularly provides Spanish audio commentary during "World News Tonight" and "Monday Night Football" as well as other selected sporting events and specials. They do this using the Secondary Audio Program (SAP). Viewers who had the SAP feature turned on could hear the game in Spanish.

Why I am only getting sound in Spanish (SAP)?

If sound is in Spanish, click settings on remote.

  1. Click more settings (yellow triangle on remote).
  2. Arrow down to the Language heading.
  3. Highlight SAP, arrow to the right.
  4. Choose disable.
  5. Choose Accept (yellow triangle on remote).
  6. Press select on the remote.

WOW! Digital Adapter FAQs

What is a Digital Adapter?

A Digital Adapter is a one-way video device that allows an analog TV to display channels that have been transmitted to the home in a digital format. The Digital Adapter has a "Cable In" and "To TV" output only. Your TV watching experience should be the same on that TV as it is today. The Digital Adapter does not support any advanced video services. The Digital Adapter comes with an easy-to-use remote control and is much smaller than current receiver boxes.

How do I know if my TV needs a Digital Adapter?

If your TV currently has WOW! digital equipment (a WOW! Standard Digital Receiver or HD Receiver), you do not need a Digital Adapter for that TV.

Can I use this Digital Adapter with a VCR or DVD player?
Yes. For installing with a VCR, please refer to the additional setup options in the Quick Start Guide included with your Digital Adapter. No changes should be required for use with DVD, Blue Ray or gaming devices.
How do I program my VCR to record using a WOW! Digital Adapter?

To record a program using your Digital Adapter and VCR:

  1. Set your VCR to record channel 3 for the time the program is airing.
  2. Tune the Digital Adapter to the channel you want to record.

The VCR can only record the channel that your Digital Adapter is tuned to. To record different programs at different times, you will need to change the channel on your Digital Adapter.

What if I have TVs connected to retail converter boxes received as a result of the FCC's 2009 Digital TV Transition?

TVs using one of these retail converter boxes are able to receive over the air TV signals, and do not receive WOW! Cable channels. If your TV is connected to WOW! co-axial cable, you need to have a WOW!

My Digital Adapter remote stopped working, loses its programming or won't power off/on.

If your remote loses its programmed codes, try replacing the batteries with high quality Alkaline batteries. When replacing the batteries, try not to push any buttons, and the codes should remain intact.

Location-Based Advertising

How does location-based advertising work?

Location-based ads are displayed based on the zip code, including the last four digits, location of your Internet modem. For example, if a local restaurant wants to offer coupons to customers who live in a certain zip code area, location-based advertising allows them to display their online ads to Internet customers who actually live in that zip code area.

Does WOW! sell information to the presented advertisers?

No. Your personal information is completely safe and at no time does an advertiser even know which customers receive their ads online. Our location-based advertising program is based on a double-blind system - which means that neither the advertiser nor the ad network which sells the ads ever has access to your personal information.

Do location-based ads look different from other online ads?

Not necessarily. Location-based ads may look just like any other online ads. They are NOT in addition to ads you would already see; they will just replace ads that would otherwise appear on your screen. You might find location-based advertising more relevant to you because it allows merchants to offer discounts and promotions based on your specific geographic location.

How is this different from behavioral online advertising?

Unlike behavioral advertising, location-based ads have nothing to do with your Web surfing history. If you see a location-based ad, it’s only because that advertiser has selected your zip code as an area they want to target.

How do I opt out of this service?

If you choose to opt out of location-based advertising, visit and log in to manage your opt-out preferences.

If I opt-out, can I opt-in later?

Yes, you can change your opt-out status at any time by visiting

Does WOW! endorse any of the advertisers?

No, we do not endorse any of the advertisers who purchase display ads through this location-based system. Due to the nature of the double-blind system, we have no knowledge of which advertisers utilize location-based advertising.