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Business TV Services

The Perfect Business Cable TV for Every Customer

Cable programming for business will satisfy every viewer, from clientele to employees

Whether your business is big or small, we’ll be there to help out with business cable TV wherever customers find themselves passing the time or just wanting to relax.

Keep your clients feeling welcome and informed with the latest news, financial, weather and entertainment programming from WOW! Business TV services. It’s an affordable and easy way to manage service with a wide range of stations customers will appreciate. And the fact we deliver business TV with digital cable service, you’ll be able to avoid the weather-vulnerabilities of satellite dishes or other bulky equipment that can distract from the appearance of your establishment.

Give your customers what they want to watch

Public View TV

They may come for the food and beverages but they stay and keep coming back for the atmosphere and great entertainment. Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, nightclub, or coffee shop, great gathering places start and grow with great sports, news, and entertainment TV.

Private View TV

Show your clients and customers how much you value their time by keeping them entertained and more comfortable with great sports, news and entertainment. No matter if they’re waiting in an office or working out in the gym, WOW! Business TV has what they’re looking for.


Get the Best Entertainment Experience with DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS ℠

Our partnership with DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS gives you the best public view and private view options available. This includes sports, news, and entertainment that keeps your customers coming back to your bar, restaurant, nightclub, shop, or other businesses.


  • Turn Customers into Regulars.

    • DIRECTV encourages customers to come for the best in sports and stay for the food and dynamic environment.

  • Help reduce perceived wait times.

    • DIRECTV helps keep current customers entertained and attract new customers.

  • Keep employees Connected.

    • DIRECTV offers a level of comfort while working and a way to relax during breaks.

Reasons to believe

91% of Bars and Restaurants Agree – Adding DirecTV has been a good decision. (Based on a January 2022 national survey of Bar and Restaurant subscribers who expressed an opinion.)

99% Worry-Free Signal Reliability (Based on a representative study of national cities)

93% Business Viewing Subscribers Agree, Adding DirecTV has been a good decision. (Based on a January 2022 national survey of Business-viewing subscribers who expressed an opinion.)

Call to sign up for DirecTV with WOW! Business Internet.

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Contact us for details about WOW! Business TV packages and to learn what channels are available in your area.