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Whole-Business WiFi Support

Whole-Business WiFi User Guide

Voice Product Support

Business Phone
Voicemail Instructions
Business Line CommPortal Guide
Virtual Office Guide
Phone Features (Star-Codes)

For customers MD
Business Phone Guide

Dothan customers please call your support line for assistance.

Hosted Matrix (Cisco)
For customers in AL, FL, GA, SC, TN
Matrix Quick Start Guide
Matrix User Guide
CommPortal Guide
CommPortal Admin Tutorial Video
CommPortal End User Tutorial Video
Virtual Office
Premium Attendant
Phone Features (Star-Codes)

Cisco Phone
Cisco SPA504 Datasheet
Cisco SPA509 Datasheet
CiscoSPA525 Datasheet
Cisco SPA504/509 QuickStart Guide
Cisco SPA504 and SPA509 UserGuide

Hosted VoIP 
Hosted VoIP CommPortal BG Admin Guide
Hosted VoIP CommPortal User Guide
Hosted VoIP OTT FAQ Troubleshooting Guide
Virtual Office Guide
Premium Attendant
Phone Features (Star-Codes)
WOW! Mobility for Mobile (iOS/Android) User Guide

WOW! Mobility for Desktop User Guide

Polycom Phone
Hosted VoIP Polycom VVX300, VVX301 & VVX311 Quick Reference Guide
Hosted VoIP Polycom VVX400, VVX401 & VVX411 Quick Reference Guide
Hosted VoIP Polycom VVX600 & VVX601 Quick Reference Guide
Polycom VVX 300 Series Phone User Guide
Polycom VVX 400 Series Phone User Guide
Polycom VVX 600 Series Phone User Guide
Polycom Desktop IP Phones
Polycom VVX300 Tutorial Video
Polycom VVX400 Tutorial Video
Polycom VVX600 Tutorial Video
Polycom IP6000 Data Sheet

Video Product Support

Reference Guides
Reference Guide - Illinois, Ohio & Detroit
Reference Guide - Evansville
Reference Guide - Mid-Michigan

Digital Cable Remote Support
Reference Guide - Illinois, Ohio & Detroit
Reference Guide - Evansville

Standard Digital Receivers
Motorola DCH 200
Motorola DCT 2000
Motorola DCT 2500

HD Digital Receivers
Motorola DCH 6200
Motorola DCT 6200-6208

Motorola DCH 6416
Motorola DCT 6400

Remote Support
Digital Adapter
Enterprise 6412
General Instrument DRC-400/425
Motorola RC-800
Synergy RT-U62CD
Universal DRC-8000
Universal Remote UR4U-MDVR2

Digital Adapter
Order Digital Adapters

Accessible Equipment
WOW! Accessible DVR Receiver
WOW! Accessible Mini Receiver

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