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WOW! SIP Trunking will optimize your IP PBX system

Take advantage of our secure network and the flexibility to customize your services


What is a SIP trunking phone system?

SIP trunking is an internet-powered voice solution for businesses that own their IP PBX system. You may have heard of VoIP (voice over internet protocol), a broad term for phone services over the internet. In addition to voice calls, SIP (session initiated protocol) trunks allow for transmission of a wider variety of media, such as text and video.


The benefits of WOW! SIP Trunking for business

Enterprise communications demand efficiency, reliability and flexibility across every business organization. More and more, companies are turning to SIP trunking providers like WOW! and taking advantage of the features and capabilities of SIP trunking solutions.

  • Cost savings: With WOW! SIP Trunking, businesses enjoy simplified service pricing and predictable costs. Our SIP trunking service seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and allows you to keep your current phone numbers. You can consolidate your communications management with a single IP PBX system to reduce costs. And if you have multiple locations, extension dialing is also a cost-saving benefit.
  • More features: WOW! SIP Trunking supports your IP PBX to connect phones across multiple sites, with best-in-class bandwidth, built-in caller ID, DNIS (dialed number identification service), voicemail to email, and more. WOW! provides a portal to put you in control of your services. Reroute inbound traffic on the fly with the click of a button, and determine routing options for outage or all-call-path-busy situations ahead of time.
  • Flexibility: With SIP trunking services, the number of call paths can easily be increased or decreased based on your current business needs. Program your IP PBX to ring directly to a person, desk, station, or an automated attendant. Our goal is to partner with you to customize your call routing and maximize productivity.
  • Security and reliability: WOW! has invested in a state-of-the-art network to provide safe and reliable services. We protect, monitor, and manage this network around the clock to give you the peace of mind to focus on your business. If you have a power outage or issue with your IP PBX system, our network will recognize the issue and automatically reroute traffic to your predetermined destination. You can also control this routing on your own through the WOW! portal at any time.
  • Enhanced 911 services: The safety of your customers and employees is paramount. We offer enhanced 911 services to deliver exact location information to emergency personnel. This is a critical option if you have multiple office or suite locations. WOW! gives you the option to update this 911 address information at any time through the portal.

Get started with SIP Trunking: Feature-forward voice solutions from WOW!

Powerful SIP trunk capabilities keep your team connected and productive — in the office or on the move.

  • Auto attendant with day and night scheduling

  • Automatic trunk group failover routing

  • WOW! portal for centralized management

  • Click to dial

  • Call manager (forward and reject calls)

  • Configure on-hold music

  • Call hunting

  • Data analytics

  • Dynamic load balancing

  • Visual voicemail


Voice trunking basics: How do SIP phone systems work?

WOW! SIP Trunking delivers clear communication through every branch of your business. To understand how it works, it's helpful to visualize a system of roads and neighbourhoods. Instead of multiple individual lines, voice trunking gives you access to a "channel," or trunk. The Highway The network that houses data. WOW! SIP Trunking can be hooked up through either fiber or COAX. The Neighborhood Roads Your lines or call paths. With voice trunking, calls can travel through multiple channels at once The Houses in Your Neighborhood Your actual phone numbers. SIP trunking supports many DID or DOD phone connections.

Phone systems: Hosted VoIP vs. Business Voice vs. SIP Trunking

Which is best for you? All three products are backed by the WOW! Business promise of strong, reliable service with 24/7 customer support.

WOW! Business Voice

Good for smaller businesses who need a simple phone system.

WOW! Hosted VoIP

Great for businesses who want the highest level of features, service and connectivity for a low price that scales to your needs.

Voice Trunking

Great for large enterprises that own their IP PBX or PBX system, to manage multiple locations and heavy call volumes.

WOW! Business voice trunking for collaboration and efficiency


Whether you need 5 Channels or 500, WOW! Voice Trunking can easily scale as your business needs change.


Program the PBX phone to ring directly to a person, desk or station, as well as an automated attendant.


Calls can be pointed to other trunks or locations immediately, so you never have to worry about loss of service or unexpected overflow.


SIP trunking for voice costs less when compared to designs with multiple individual telephone numbers.


Voice trunking phone systems from WOW!

WOW! Business offers two primary types of voice trunking. Contact us to learn more about trunking options and which is a better fit for your business. PRI TRUNKING (PRIMARY RATE INTERFACE) A voice calling standard used over a connection to carry multiple voice calls between the STN and a service location with a traditional PBX SIP TRUNKING (SESSION INITIATED PROTOCOL) A voice signaling protocol used to create, manage and terminate calls over an IP-based network using an IP-based phone system


The WOW! Difference: Built for your business

Not all SIP trunking providers are the same. WOW! works hard to understand your needs and build flexible, best-in-class solutions that are affordable and just right for your business needs. Then we back it all up with 24/7 US-based support.

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