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CommPortal Video Tutorials


CommPortal Videos

Access to the CommPortal gives you the ability manage your WOW! voice services at your convenience. This tool offers a wide array of features and functionality to customize all of the service options available to you. To help you get the most out of your use of the CommPortal, we have two separate videos available for you.


CommPortal - End User Video Tutorial

The CommPortal - End User Video Tutorial is geared toward a single user that would like to customize the features available with their specific phone. From setting up custom voicemail greetings to maximizing the processing of incoming calls with multiple call forwarding options, this video provides detailed instructions to manage these options and settings.


CommPortal - Administrator Video Tutorial

  • The CommPortal - Administrator Video Tutorial steps through multiple options available for managing services in a Business Group. Administrators have the ability to reset passwords, update E911 address information, and customize routing settings for hunt groups, for example. This tutorial also includes detailed steps in setting up and adjusting Auto Attendants to give your customers the best experience when contacting your company.
  • These interactive videos demonstrate all of the features and functionality of your CommPortal. If you are new to WOW!, you may prefer to view these videos from start to finish for a comprehensive look at all of the capabilities of the CommPortal. If you simply have a question on a specific feature, you can easily jump to that feature for a quick review. Reference these videos at any time for your convenience.