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Wholesale Fiber Access Solutions

The best source for local wholesale fiber internet

WOW! Wholesale fiber Internet can get you there. As the best source for local wholesale fiber access in the Southeast and Midwest, with an ever-growing 40,000 miles of fiber infrastructure, we are an established wholesale broadband provider of metro connections for carriers.

We are a facilities-based provider with metro networks delivering access to carrier POPs, ILEC Cos and Enterprise customer buildings utilizing fiber-based architecture so we can deliver the protection, reliability and security you need.

It’s the same state-of-the-art networks that also deliver the economies and efficiencies that allow us to offer significant savings over typical ILEC cost structures.

Experienced teams and the reliability they create

Wholesale Internet Carrier Service Teams

Passionate about keeping up today’s latest technology and network operations procedures, our wholesale Internet and fiber teams provide quality, reliable local-access service for many well-known carriers and have a long track record of exceeding expectations.

Carrier Alliances

We welcome additional carrier alliances to expand fiber access in the Southeast and Midwest. With us providing the local loop, any long-haul carrier can now offer its customers end-to-end provisioning.

We can deliver your solution for less

WOW! Wholesale Internet offers a number of services for wholesale customers requiring high-speed bandwidth connectivity, including:

  • Wireless Backhaul
  • Ethernet
  • DWDM - 1G up to 10G
  • IP Transit
  • Dark Fiber Lease
  • Traditional TDM Services

Wholesale resources:

For more information on how WOW! Wholesale can help with your local loop needs please contact our carrier sales group: call: 706-773-5076 email: [email protected]