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Business Internet Service

Fast, reliable and built for the way you do business

WOW! Internet works for you.

6 mos free modem for 60 Mbps & above6 mos free modem for 60 Mbps & above
Free professional installationFree professional installation
Bundle with phone to saveBundle with phone to save
Best Value
Internet up to
1 Gig
Best for 4k streaming and FTP file sharing
Starting at
Internet up to
600 Mbps
Great for hosting web servers, guest networks, security systems
Starting at
Internet up to
300 Mbps
Supports heavy cloud file sharing, HD video conferencing
Starting at
We tailor our Internet packages and services to fit all businesses sizes. Choose a plan that meets your requirements, with the speed to match your usage.
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Fast and secure, with the right plan for your team.

Conduct business online, share files, or run an e-Commerce empire. Get the fastest connection available with best-in-class security and premier support.

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Upgrade speed to break through barriers and boost productivity.

Fiber and cloud computing improve connectedness for a happier team and a competitive advantage. Keep up with today’s fast-paced business environment.

Make the switch that makes the difference

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Drive your business with the fastest internet on the market.



Focus on your business—not your connection—with our secure network.



Choose a package that fits your budget and your business.


24/7 Support

Get support when you need it with U.S.-based IT teams available 24/7.

Business Internet FAQs

  • Can I Use WOW! Internet for my business?

    Since we offer Internet packages to fit a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to large enterprises, you get exactly what you need for your company. All plans are fast and reliable, with our award-winning customer service.

  • What Does WOW! Business Internet Service Include?

    Our large and small business Internet services include high-speed reliable connectivity, advanced security and 24/7 support. We are your dedicated business partner, helping your company grow and achieve maximum productivity and success.

  • Why Choose WOW! Business Internet?

    WOW! Business is an invested partner in your enterprise. With more than 1,000 employees, we give you the power of a service-focused organization. Our specialists, dedicated to each major industry, actively listen to provide individualized consultation and the best service to fit each unique business.

    The high-value solutions that our business teams design and implement are backed by the same customer focus that has earned numerous high-profile awards for our residential service.

    With WOW! Business Internet services, you get:

    • A strategic business partner
    • Superior end-to-end customer experience
    • Honest, predictable, upfront pricing
    • A reliable and cost effective, state-of-the-art product suite

    Our mission is to help you succeed by keeping you connected at the fastest possible speeds.

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