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Business Fiber Internet

Get a tailor-made high-speed fiber connection and more, with all the bandwidth your company needs


Why Fiber Optic Internet Service for Businesses?

Fiber internet is the best connectivity for businesses, since it’s faster and more reliable than standard broadband. With available download speeds up to 1 Gig, WOW! Business fiber internet harnesses the power your business needs to vanquish the competition and provide superior customer service. You’ll save time, which means you’ll also save money.

Our business fiber internet is built to support future technological advances in internet speed and delivery, making it a smart investment for any company. As a scalable solution, you can get the speed you need for your organization right now and have the room to grow as your needs change.

WOW! Business Fiber Internet scales to meet your company’s unique needs and includes built-in support.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Choose a dedicated internet connection for speeds up to 10 Gigs for fast and reliable connectivity.

Fiber Flex

Leverage your location’s fiber connection with this shared service for premium quality internet at a lower cost.

Static IPs

Access company servers remotely though VPN. Offer clients access to convenient FTP sites. Accommodate staff working remotely. Host and share web, mail and file servers between nationwide and global offices.

Hosted VoIP

Appreciate the advantage of this cloud-based, unified phone system, such as voicemail-to-email and accessing your business phone from any location with internet access. It delivers a sleek end-to-end PBX experience with Poly™ phones to take full advantage of Hosted VoIP functionality and features.


Achieve 99.9% uptime and get premier customer service with affordable WOW! Ethernet Transport. Scalable for any level of bandwidth your business needs, our Ethernet Transport service is fast, secure and resilient to keep your company running smoothly.

Data Center and Colocation

Get carrier flexibility and a high-caliber operating environment where service and uptime are paramount. State-of-the-art technology and architecture supports all your critical business applications.


Is Fiber connectivity expensive?

Even with significantly faster network speeds, Fiber Internet from WOW! tends to be a better value than traditional business cable Internet plans. For just a few additional dollars a month, in most cases, your team will get lightning-fast connection and world-class reliability, which can also save the IT services bottom line.


Performance and cost-saving benefits of Fiber Internet service from WOW!

  • Capture, share, and store information quickly and effectively
  • Increase connectivity options for improved communications
  • Decrease costs while increasing network capacity with virtual backup and storage
  • Reduce capital costs by moving key operational functions to cloud applications on the web
  • Future-ready technology is built for upgrades
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The WOW! Difference: A passion for speed, reliability, and service

Performance and cost-saving benefits of WOW! Fiber Internet service:

  • Increase connectivity options for optimal communications

  • Capture, share and store information quickly and efficiently

  • Increase network capacity and decrease costs with virtual backup and storage

  • Reduce capital expenses by moving critical business operations to cloud-based applications

Premium Fiber

Get speeds up to 5 Gig with Premium Fiber

Located in Central Florida? Your business may be eligible for exceptionally fast, radically simple Premium Fiber with speeds up to 5 Gig. This means a super-fast connection and symmetrical download and upload speeds from a company you’ll love.

Fiber Internet FAQs

  • What Type of Internet Connection is Best for Businesses?

    Companies prefer WOW business fiber internet because of the wide range of applications it supports. This includes remote server access, voice and video services, flexible configuration, virtual backup and storage, E-commerce support, static Ips and FTP file-sharing.

    What’s more, our fiber optic internet service comes with 24/7 customer service from US-based support teams.

  • Is Fiber More Expensive Than Cable?

    WOW! Fiber Internet tends to deliver more value than business cable internet plans. In most cases, for a few additional dollars per month, your team will get significantly faster network speeds and superior reliability, which can save your company in IT service costs.

  • Why Does My Business Need Fiber Internet?

    What your company needs now for internet connectivity may not be what you need in five years—or even in six months. WOW’s Business Fiber Internet is future-ready technology built for updates, to keep your business on the leading edge of technology.

  • What is WOW! Business Fiber Internet?

    WOW! fiber internet delivers fast, affordable network connectivity. But what sets us apart is we back up our world-class technology with personalized customer service that puts your business, employees and customers first.

    This includes integrated data and voice, local account and support teams, optimized products and services to meet your unique network needs and fast, easy capacity upgrades.

Talk to a Fiber Internet Expert

Find out if WOW! Business Fiber Internet is a good fit for your company, understand pricing, and get advice on a solution that’s right for your business.

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