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March 6, 2024

Future-Proofing Your Business with Fiber: What You Need to Know



Ready to move your business forward with the most modern connection capability? Then it's time to call WOW! Business for fiber optic Internet.

Imagine a Time Without Being Online

There was a time when businesses considered fast communication, sending a paper package of documents by courier to be the premium means of transferring critical information as soon as possible. Today, critical documents travel via encrypted format through the Internet by chat, email, cloud-shared digital rooms, and similar. However, even now, the need for business speed still has unmet demands. While the digital highway in the 2020s is a night and day difference from just the turn of the century, it still slows down when thousands upon thousands of transactions all happen at the same time, or even worse when the size of data transactions are in the dozens of gigabytes or larger. Why? The same problem from 50 years ago is present today – the bandwidth for traffic isn’t big enough. So then how does one go about future-proofing business? Well, use fiber optics for business internet, of course.

Why is Fiber Optic Internet Important for Businesses?

There are three main forms of digital travel today: wi-fi (which connects to a wired router and physical gateway), wired (which connects to a server and a physical gateway), and fiber optics. The first two are what most people get with standard digital service, LAN setups, and similar to small or medium businesses. Fiber optics are what corporations use to augment the traffic speed of what has already been set up locally with CAT LAN lines in-house.

Fiber optics are not new; the first cables were installed and rolled out, literally, in the 1980s by the phone companies. However, access to and proliferation of fiber optics has definitely expanded greatly since then. Today, as a standard network choice, it is a must for the fastest service with high data transfer capacity. The difference is about as comparative to the strongest train engine capacity versus the horse-drawn buggy.

What are the Benefits of Fiber Internet?

The benefits of fiber optic internet include quite a few, actually. First and foremost, as mentioned earlier, the very design of fiber optics allows for large amounts of data to be moved very quickly. How? Unlike standard wire, coaxial cable, phone lines, and similar, fiber optics uses light to transfer data across glass fibers. This provides the dual benefit of incredibly large data sizes moving at high speed with very little in the way of resistance, easily in the range of 5Mbps to as much as 100Gbps. There literally isn’t another format of data transfer that moves information faster right now. Even satellite transmission, as an alternative to future-proof business, doesn’t move the same size as quickly, and it’s a lot more costly. Fiber optic lines are easy to adjust, repair, and manipulate. In comparison to regular wiring and data cabling, fiber optics require less work to make changes to connections. This flexibility allows easy modification and changes to fiber optics that could take days rewiring a network otherwise. The lighter weight makes fiber easy to carry, handle, bend, and connect. Fiber provides plenty of room for scaling and growth as well. The number one barrier most networks run into as the business that owns them grows is capacity size limitations. At a certain point, the traditional wired system runs out of capacity, and traffic prioritization starts happening, producing winners and losers in a limited system. Instead, with fiber, there is no need for prioritization. All users are working with the same high speed and there’s plenty of room for more to join the same network. The security of fiber optics outperforms standard network lines and cable dramatically. This is due to the previously-mentioned benefits like speed and rate of high-size data transfer quickly, as well as a lack of data radiance. Where copper wiring will make it easy to attach listening devices and capture leaked data signals, fiber keeps everything contained. As a result, middle-point hacking doesn’t happen as easily. Do you see bad weather regularly? Not a problem with fiber optic Internet for business. Unlike regular cabling, fiber isn’t affected by weather conditions the way copper behaves, and data moves along just fine even in the worst of storms. The reliability performance of fiber also exceeds standard networks as well. Data packages are not dropped or lost at anything close to the problems that normally occur with traditional network lines. This is due to fewer issues with data interference along fiber lines as well as less latency and chances for data to get lost due to traffic delays. Greater physical distance can be covered with fiber optics than with traditional network lines. Limitations to data line length forced businesses for years to maintain multiple connection points and bridges to accommodate longer distances. Those aren’t needed with fiber. The difference is 10s of kilometers versus 100 meters only on traditional lines.

Time to Get Started With Fiber Optics

So, if you want to future-proof your business, then it's time to bring fiber optic internet into your business. As a leading broadband provider, WOW! has been a go-to resource for fiber optic communications all over the South, from Florida to Kentucky. And there's northern access too in Michigan. Irrespective of whether needing industrial communications or residential consumer connections, WOW! Business has consistently delivered on future-proofing business. And now, with the Internet delivering phone and video-streaming as well, fiber is even more important. For businesses, WOW! 's approach has been fundamentally geared towards the top critical factors businesses need for communication: speed, reliability, seamless experience, and dependable support. Because of commitment to these aspects, WOW!'s fiberoptic internet delivery is the best way to future-proof business today. Get your business ready for the future by making the switch to fiber optic internet. Contact one of our fiber internet experts today and learn how WOW! Business Fiber Internet can take your operations to the next level.