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Wireless Internet Backup

Wireless Internet Backup Gives Your Business ‘Always On’ Connectivity

Wireless Internet

Why Your Business Needs a Wireless Internet Backup Solution

As a growing business that relies on internet connectivity, 24-7, you can’t afford any downtime. Any interruption in your service can mean that a customer or vendor cannot reach you by email or that your POS system is down, and you can’t process credit cards to make a sale. A downed network also causes your team to be less productive. With so many critical processes running in the cloud, your company’s bottom line literally depends on a reliable connection. Nonstop, uninterrupted internet is vital for the health of your business.


If your internet service goes down or you lose power, stay connected to your customers and vendors with reliable, secure 4G LTE coverage and optional battery backup.

  • Automatic activation for zero downtime – seamless access to critical business applications
  • Maximum reliability when wired internet connections are down
  • Highest available speeds – don’t miss out on potential sales or opportunities
  • Costs less than a wired connection or T1 line
  • Battery backup in the event of power loss (optional)

The ‘Always-Online’ Challenge for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

With all these potential risks, how can you ensure that you’ll always be connected to your customers, clients and vendors? The answer is simple: with a WOW! Business Continuity network backup system

Natural disasters

Snowstorms, heavy rains and flooding, wildfires – Regardless of where you are, you’ll likely experience one or more of these natural disasters

Technology or equipment failure

It may be an unexpected spike in traffic or internal/external equipment failure. These events are most often unpredictable.

Human error

Whether it’s someone accidentally disconnecting an important cable or a construction or utility worker inadvertently cutting a line, human error is bound to happen.

Don’t Lose a Moment of Your Critical Business Connectivity

Discover the affordable wireless internet backup system that will keep you up and fully operational through whatever fate dishes out. With WOW! Business Continuity, your company will always be connected to customers and vendors and fully open for business.

Internet Failover Solutions: What Are Your Options?

If your organization is worried about continuous internet connectivity, you can upgrade your network to a more robust T1 line—but it’s expensive and still susceptible to unexpected service disruptions like extreme weather, downed telephone lines and construction or utility worker mishaps. MPLS and fiber internet service are other alternatives, but they can also be costly. Fortunately, recent advances have made 4G technology a convenient, practical and affordable option.

What is Internet Backup?

Business internet backup is alternate connectivity that automatically kicks in should your company suddenly lose its wired connection, so you can stay productive. A backup internet connection might also include battery backup to keep you online during power outages.

What is the Best Backup Internet?

The best backup internet connection provides your company with reliable business internet after a severe weather event, severed line or some other unexpected situation that cuts service. A wireless internet backup is far less susceptible to these dangers

Why Have an Internet Backup Service for Businesses?

A business internet backup system is crucial, especially for growing small and medium-sized businesses, so they don’t lose touch with customers and vendors in the event of a natural or man-made disaster that knocks out networks.


A Low-Cost Solution for SMBs: WOW! Business Wireless Internet Backup

Don’t take a chance with your company’s internal operations and your connection to the outside world. A wireless internet backup provides security and peace of mind, so your important business applications and connections to customers and suppliers can be maintained. WOW! Business Continuity provides:


If your organization’s internet goes down, our WOW! Business Continuity solution automatically finds and connects you with the highest-speed LTE coverage available, so your business won’t miss a beat. Our expert-installed router provides a dedicated, secure network with optional battery backup to ensure nonstop access to critical business applications in the event of network outages.

  • Multiple redundancies
  • Dual SIM cards
  • Load balancing
  • Industry-standard Cradlepoint E100 router
  • Secure, reliable LTE connection to internet or via VPN, LAN switching and Wi-Fi 5
  • Optional back-up battery keeps router online for 8-16 hours during a power outage

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if the internet goes down, you’ll maintain an uninterrupted connection at the highest speed possible, with automatic connection to the carrier with the best coverage.


Focus on your business and not your internet connection. If your company suddenly experiences a disruption in your online service, the last thing you'll want to do is under-pressure troubleshooting or having to install an expensive new piece of equipment as customers are left hanging. With our wireless internet backup, there's no need to call in an IT professional if you lose your business internet. You can count on seamless connectivity right away, so you’ll be ready for the next emergency.

  • Day-one connectivity
  • Fast, professional installation by WOW! Business
  • Automatic failover protection

We'll work with you to ensure that your business continuity solution is properly installed and ready to protect your business, from day one. Proactively plan for the next outage with a quick, affordable and automated system to keep your business running seamlessly. Our WOW! Business Continuity solution keeps your company connected to protect productivity and profits.


Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need an expensive wired connection or T1 line to stay connected during an internet outage. What’s more, those wired connections can be easily interrupted during a major weather event or accidentally cut by workers during a construction project. And if you do lose that internet connection, you might very well miss out on sales and other business opportunities. A wireless internet backup system is a simpler and less expensive option.

  • Costs less than a wired connection or T1 line
  • Experience less business disruption and revenue loss
  • Avoid having to make expensive changes to your infrastructure to ensure smooth operation and continuity during an internet outage

With a simple, cost-effective wireless internet backup solution, you can insulate your business from unexpected downtime due to loss of connectivity, protecting your reputation and future revenue.

Business Continuity

WOW! Business Continuity: The Best Backup Internet for Business – How it Works

Leveraging the power of LTE 4G cellular networks and advanced cloud technology, our business continuity solution provides wireless WAN, continuous wireless reliability and security during internet outages. This backup internet for business is delivered by the Cradlepoint E100 router, which provides secure, reliable LTE connections to the internet or through VPN support, LAN switching and Wi-Fi 5 for a comprehensive all-in-one office network in a portable device. It includes full-featured routing, security, traffic shaping and Wi-Fi, for a secure, dedicated and reliable connection to company headquarters or the internet, so you can access critical business applications.

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