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Technician troubleshooting an internet outage
November 9, 2023

How to Troubleshoot a WOW! Outage



Is your company experiencing an internet outage or a disruption of cable services? In this business internet outage troubleshooting guide, you'll learn the most common reasons for a WOW! Business outage and how to identify the cause of your service outage so that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible. We also discuss how to prevent future service disruptions and answer your most frequently asked questions. 

WOW! Business is committed to delivering the most reliable internet service for our customers. If there's ever a problem, we're here to help you troubleshoot the issue and get you back up and running.  

Common Reasons for WOW Outages

There are various reasons why you might experience an outage, from hardware malfunctions or network issues to service provider problems and more widespread system issues. The most efficient way to pinpoint the source of the disruption is to start with a possible system-wide outage and work your way backward to in-house problems. 

Identify the Cause of Your Internet Outage

Following are step-by-step instructions, along with practical tips, to identify why your service isn't working and restore your company's internet connection. 

1. Regional or System-Wide Outages 

The fastest and easiest way to see if there's a system-wide or regional outage is to use your phone to access the WOW! Business Maintenance & Service Outages page. Here you'll find announcements of any service interruptions and updates as to when you can expect the system to be working again. 

2. Hardware Malfunctions 

If there are no reported system-wide outages in your area, there may be a problem with your modem, computer, or router. Often, this glitch is temporary and can be fixed by rebooting.  

To Reboot Your Computer, Modem and Router 

  • To reboot, unplug the power cord to your computer and modem. If your company's network has a router, unplug that as well. Wait for one minute after unplugging the devices and plug them back in again, restoring power. Turn your computer back on. 

For Business Cable TV Service 

  • To reboot a digital or HD receiver device, first press and hold its power button until "boot" appears on the receiver display. Then release the power button. When the receiver box shows the time, turn on the receiver. Either Passport or Pioneer will appear on your television monitor, and once it's gone, you should have the picture again.  

If your outage persists, call WOW! Business Support at 1-888-969-4249. 

3. Network Issues 

What is meant by a network failure? This is when one or several network components--both hardware and software--stop working or do not function correctly. It may be that a component deteriorates, which affects its performance and causes the network signal to be unreliable or lose its internet connection completely. These network interruptions or network failures can impact your company both financially and reputationally.   

To determine the source of a network failure or interruption, investigate these possibilities: 

  • Power failure – It may be caused by a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, or lightning storm that destroys a facility, causes a power surge, or otherwise affects your network. 

  • Human error – This includes accidental disconnection, not following procedures, poorly configured devices, hardware damage, and cable damage. 

  • Hardware failure – When parts of your system infrastructure do not work correctly. Causes may include voltage spikes, water damage, or insufficient maintenance. 

  • Outdated equipment – An obsolete device that's unsupported may drag down your entire system and cause network failures and disruptions.  

  • Cyber attacks and security breaches – Inadequate security can lead to a cyber attack or a breach of your network. Older devices that are not properly maintained can make your system vulnerable to attack. Unauthorized network traffic may cause failure due to an overloaded system.  

4. Other Service Provider Problem 

What if you've investigated the previous common causes of network disruptions and none of them apply to your situation? If your company network is still down, it's time to contact WOW! Business Support. Our expert technicians are available to assist you, 24/7. Call us at 1.855-940-4969. You can also chat with a live member of the WOW! Business Care Team for help with any technical problems or connection issues. Our chat support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. 

How to Prevent Future Internet Disruptions

An internet service interruption can be potentially costly for your organization in terms of lost revenue, lost productivity, or complaints from customers. Fortunately, there are steps your organization can take that will greatly minimize these risks. 

Observe these best practices for optimal internet and network operation. 

Avoid human error: 

  • Maintain proper documentation for all devices. 

  • Train staff in the operation and maintenance of network devices. 

  • Label devices with important information and proper connections. 

Minimize power failures: 

  • Have backup power supplies in place in the event of an emergency. 

  • Connect redundant components to different power circuits so an outage in one doesn't affect the others. 

Avoid misconfigurations: 

  • Don't set parameters manually; use automation to deploy changes.  

  • Test configurations before changing production devices. 

Prevent hardware failure: 

  • Perform regular maintenance and apply patches as needed to keep devices up to date. 

  • Build redundancy so that one area of failure remains isolated and does not cause disruption to your entire network. 

Reduce obsolete devices: 

  • Balance cost-effective infrastructure with technological improvements. 

  • Replace outdated, unsupported devices that may become a liability. 

  • Put a plan in place for upgrades. 

Prevent cyber attacks and security breaches: 

  • Implement security controls to keep out possible intruders. 

  • Keep security software up to date. A secure network is a reliable network. 

  • Have procedures in place to quickly respond to any breaches. 

Being proactive will help your company avoid network interruptions and outages.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common signs of a WOW! internet outage?  

It may be that you're unable to connect to the internet, or if it's not a complete service stoppage, it may be a slowdown in internet speed or intermittent connectivity.  

How can I determine if the issue is specific to my connection or if it's a broader problem affecting multiple users in my area?  

Refer to the guide at the top of this page to determine if it's a problem that affects other users in your region or if it's specific to your facility.  

Is there a way to check if there is a scheduled maintenance or outage in my region that might be causing the disruption? 

Yes, you can visit our WOW! Business Maintenance & Service Outages page for timely information about scheduled maintenance or service disruptions. 

How does WOW! proactively monitor and identify potential service disruptions before they escalate into outages? 

WOW! regularly monitors its network for possible network congestion and other issues that could affect our business customers. We proactively make network improvements prior to congestion episodes, which may include adding network hardware to accommodate additional traffic. We work to alleviate congestion and other issues before any impact is felt by our customers. Our tools and practices include bandwidth monitoring, spam detection and filtering, and measures to protect network security. 

We also have a solution in place to protect against web-based threats like ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, and malicious domains and URLs. 

The WOW! Advantage

As a premier business internet service provider, WOW! Internet for Business delivers the services you need to maintain a robust online presence and exceptional network reliability—and this includes 24/7 technical support from a dedicated team in the rare event of a system disruption. For answers to your questions and detailed product guides, visit our support page.  

To contact WOW! customer support, please call 1-855-940-4969.