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June 25, 2024

Key Differences Between Residential and Business Internet



The difference between residential internet and business internet is significant due to a variety of factors. That’s why we encourage any business that relies on an internet connection to consider opting for a business internet plan. There are so many advantages that business internet offers over residential internet, including speed, reliability, customer service, and more. Considering that all of these benefits are available for only a slightly higher price, it only makes sense to choose business over residential internet.

What Are the Main Differences Between Residential Internet and Business Internet

When you are considering paying more for internet to help your business, it’s reasonable to question whether the extra cost over residential internet is justified. After all, your home internet might work fine for you and your family’s needs. However, as your preferred internet provider, we can say with certainty that our business clients prefer business-class internet because it offers significant benefits. Some of these include:


WOW! Business Internet offers speed and power that is essential for keeping operations running smoothly and ensuring efficiency. Our business-level plans and fiber internet are available at blazing speeds which are more than enough for both small business and larger business needs.

More speed means faster downloads and more capacity for multiple users. With enough speed, you can have multiple employees using the internet for research, streaming, VOIP, conferencing, and more. But without that speed, you are likely to see lag and deal with frustrations about the performance of your equipment and apps.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the internet for business over residential internet is reliability. If your business needs internet to operate, it needs that internet to work consistently. Our internet for business clients is operated by a team of technicians who are devoted fully to business needs—that ensures you have the most reliable internet we can provide, even when residential internet is not operating as it should be.

When business continuity is a top priority, reliable internet is a necessity—which is why business internet is far superior for most business users.

Static IPs

We can provide static IPs for your business if you need them. A static IP helps with business continuity by ensuring that other internet users can always find your business online. It also makes it possible to host servers, maintain communication channels with employees, and more. Not every small business requires a static IP, but there’s a chance your business might benefit considerably from one.

To find out more about whether a static IP is right for your small business, talk to one of our representatives. They can ask you a list of targeted questions that will quickly identify whether a static IP is right for you.

Customer Service

When you choose business-class internet, you can expect business-class support. Our team of technicians, who serve the business portion of our internet services, provides 24/7 US-based support to customers. Day or night, on holidays, and at any other time you might need help, you can get it. That kind of support can make or break a business that relies on internet for its operations.

Our customer service representatives that serve business clients are trained specifically to help with internet for business. They know the unique challenges that come up for our business clients and they are well-versed in how to solve those problems. If you want to know that there is always help a chat or phone call away, internet for business is the right choice for you.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

If you are wondering how service level agreements (SLAs) differ between residential and business internet packages, you are not alone. Many business owners ask us this question to help them determine if business-level service makes sense for their needs.

For business clients, we offer SLAs that ensure specific speeds, customer support, and other features such as a static IP if requested. All of the features that are included in the SLA are guaranteed as part of our agreement.

The SLA for residential internet clients is not the same as the one that business users receive. That’s because residential internet is less expensive than business and therefore has different expectations from users and obligations from us as an ISP.

The specific SLA your business will get with our company can depend on a variety of factors, including the tier of service you choose and other reasons. We can discuss your specific SLA in more detail in a one-on-one conversation with one of our representatives.

Potential Impact on Business Operations

For many of our business users, the primary reason they choose internet for business instead of residential is to limit potential problems that impact business operations. Everyone knows that internet service can be frustrating when it stops working, when something goes wrong, or when you have to wait on hold for a long time to get help. All of these issues are mitigated when you opt for business-level service.

With business-level internet, you are less likely to experience negative impacts on business operations than you would with residential-level service. When problems do arise, you can get help faster and resolve those issues sooner so the negative impacts are minimized.

Learn More About Better Internet for Your Business

The best way to discover all of the benefits of our business-level service is to speak with one of our representatives. They can tell you how your business specifically will benefit from what we offer. Please contact us now to get started with business internet!