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February 27, 2024

Small Businesses Can Harness the Power of High-Speed Internet



In the modern business world, there is no substitute for high-speed internet. The benefits of high-speed internet for business are substantial, including improved productivity, quicker customer response times, streamlined operations, and more. Having fast small business internet is particularly important, as it helps even the playing field with competitors. Fortunately, getting high-speed internet for your business is as easy as placing an order with our team at WOW! Business. We are one of the leading high-speed internet providers for small businesses and can set you up with fast, reliable internet to keep your business going strong.

Benefits of High-Speed Internet for Business

There are multiple benefits to having high-speed internet for your business, whatever the size of your operation. For only a small investment, you can generate serious returns that allow you to build your business to be stronger, more responsive, and more competitive. Let’s look at some of the fundamental benefits that every business gets with high-speed internet:

Improved Productivity

You and your employees can accomplish more each day with faster internet. Anything that involves going online, which these days is just about everything, is going to be easier to accomplish with faster internet. Checking emails, updating accounts, sending messages, watching instructional videos, transferring files—the list goes on and on. Even if the improvements seem small individually, they add up to major improvements when taken together. If employees save five minutes on each task they perform throughout the day, that can add up to hours saved over a week.

Faster Customer Response Times

When customers have an issue and need to communicate with you, response times matter. You can see clear examples of this in companies with customer support teams, where response times are measured in seconds to ensure optimal outcomes and to maintain customer goodwill. Faster internet allows you and your team to respond immediately to issues that arise. It only takes as long as you need to draft a response—and you can even automate much of this process with the right systems.

Streamlined Operations

There are many services available to businesses that automate tasks and integrate with other systems. However, most of these services use the Internet to operate. They can streamline many operations that used to require many hours of labor—hours that cost businesses money—but they need enough bandwidth to work properly. High-speed internet provides that bandwidth, ensuring that all the apps and programs you utilize can communicate with each other and operate properly behind the scenes.

Competitive Advantage

Depending on how long you have been using the internet, you may remember the days of dial-up modems and the early experiences of the internet. There was a time when it took minutes to load a single image. Downloading a video could take a full day. Even the slowest internet available today is far faster than dial-up. However, there is still a significant difference between slower internet and high-speed internet. It’s the kind of advantage that separates a Toyota Prius from a Tesla Model S. Both will get you where you want to go, but only one will help you win any races. Most of your competitors are using high-speed internet—the Tesla Model S version. If you are using standard internet—the Toyota Prius in this example—you are inevitably going to fall behind. Considering that high-speed internet is relatively affordable, there is no reason to stick with a slower speed for small business internet.

How Does the Internet Help Small Businesses?

Every small business needs the internet. It’s one of the most cost-effective investments you can make for your business. For a relatively low monthly fee, it allows you to stay connected and be more productive—often significantly more productive. It also helps you save money over time. Many free or inexpensive apps and services for small businesses only work if you have internet access.

What Speed is Considered High-Speed Internet?

High-speed internet has several definitions. The FCC currently defines broadband internet as any service with a minimum speed of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Depending on where you are located, that might be the fastest internet available to you. However, in many places, high-speed internet is considered anything above 300 Mbps. Keep in mind that there are some places where much higher speeds are offered. There are benefits to having the highest internet speeds available in your area. However, most of the benefits of small business internet will be obvious once you get above 300 Mbps. This is enough speed to stream movies, which is also enough to run any business apps and maintain instant communications with employees and customers.

Enjoy the Benefits of High-Speed Internet for Small Business

Ready to propel your small business with high-speed internet? Check out our tailored small business internet solutions and contact us today to get started!