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November 14, 2023

Why Small Businesses Need Fiber Internet



If you’re the owner of a small business, your company relies on fast, reliable business internet service—and every decision you make is critical. This is especially true as the business expands and website traffic increases. Whether it’s for market research and collaborating remotely with your growing team, partners, and stakeholders; taking customer orders through an eCommerce website, cloud computing and other cloud-based services, video conferencing, or all of the above, everything hinges on your network.  

Given today’s fast-moving and highly competitive environment, can your internet connection meet the demands of your growing business? If not, business fiber internet may be the solution you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn what fiber internet is, what its benefits are compared to other types of internet connections, and how to determine if fiber internet is the best choice for your small business.  

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What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet, also called fiber-optic internet, is a technology that uses extremely thin glass optical fibers, the size of a human hair, to transmit data in the form of light pulses instead of electricity. Fiber internet offers greater bandwidth, speed and reliability compared to other internet types like cable and DSL (digital subscriber line). 

Why is Fiber Good for Business? 

With fast, reliable internet service, companies can quickly and easily scale their network as bandwidth requirements increase. There may be new users or the need to host webinars, do live video conferencing, manage an in-house eCommerce website, or access cloud services. 

Are You Experiencing Slow Download or Upload Speeds? 

Download speeds affect how fast web pages load and how quickly a file downloads. Upload speeds determine how fast you can send a large file to a remote server or if live video is smooth or choppy. Fiber internet improves both.  

What Should a Company’s Internet Speed Be? 

A company’s ideal internet speed depends on what they use the internet for. For very small businesses with just one or two people, who are only using email, browsing websites, or doing basic research, 5 Mbps (Megabytes per second) download speed may be enough. However, if there are more than three people on the team and for Wi-Fi, downloading large files and substantial business communication, that rises to 25 Mbps.  

If your business involves regular file sharing and video streaming, or point-of-sale (POS) transactions, a 75 Mbps connection will be required. Uses requiring speeds of 150 Mbps or more include video conferencing and streaming, cloud-based computing, regular backups, and server hosting. Also consider how many people and devices will be connected to your internet connection. The more devices, the greater the internet speed you’ll need for continuous, smooth service with no interruptions. If your small business is expecting to grow within the next few years, with 30 or more employees, 1 Gbps internet speed is highly recommended.   

What are the Benefits of Fiber for Small Businesses? 

With fiber, small businesses can scale quickly while maintaining consistent quality for business applications. Fiber delivers high bandwidth, fast uploads and downloads, support for many devices simultaneously, and less latency. It’s also more reliable. 

Business Fiber Internet Service for Small Businesses 

Startups and other small companies may wonder if they need fiber-optic internet at this stage of their company. But consider how challenging it can be for a smaller company to compete with larger, more established businesses. And think about all the business applications your company uses that rely upon high upload speeds, from video conferencing to cloud-based applications. 

With business fiber internet, your small business can: 

Hold Video Conferences and Webinars 

Present online presentations to partners, investors, and shareholders. Share your company’s plans, ideas, and successes while demonstrating your technical savvy and future-ready outlook. Broadcast a live video stream from your company headquarters for effective branding and to introduce your products and services. Use videoconferencing for marketing, sales, and worker training. 

Use Cloud-Based Software and Platforms 

There are many cloud-based services that can streamline operations and reduce costs for startups and other small businesses. With a fiber network, you can use the cloud more exclusively without worrying about a slow connection. There are cloud-based applications for messaging and collaboration (Slack, Google Docs, Asana, iCloud, Dropbox), videoconferencing (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, FaceTime, Webex), project management (Asana,, Smartsheet), human resource management, and customer relationship management. On-demand cloud services, such as cloud computing for data analytics, can be highly cost-effective for a small business with limited resources.   

Manage an eCommerce Website 

Whether you host the site in-house or through an online service, there is a lot involved in running a successful eCommerce business. This includes handling orders, answering customer inquiries, providing (and possibly uploading) high-definition images and videos, managing customer orders, and much more.  

Transfer Large Files 

This might include uploading informational videos or multimedia marketing presentations to keep customers, clients, partners, and investors well-informed, and to generate new interest. 

Do Fast Company-Wide Backups 

Back up important data to the cloud in a fraction of the time that it would otherwise take with a cable or DSL connection. Off-site cloud storage provides added security for sensitive business documents. 

Support Remote, Contracted Workers 

With a reliable fiber network, remote staff can log into the company’s server via secure VPN to collaborate with other team members, without incurring significant expenses for full-time, in-office staff and equipment. 

Add Users and Online Devices Quickly 

As your organization expands, add workstations and user accounts without worrying about overtaxing your network. Fiber internet supports many users simultaneously. 

Introduce VoIP Telephony 

The broadband boost of fiber-optic internet means you can take your company’s telecommunications to the next level with voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone services. 

Be Future-Ready 

This is an important consideration since new internet technologies are appearing regularly. By being able to add the latest tools to your client-facing website (such as chatbots, automated assistants, and other artificial intelligence (AI) technology, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.   

Does My Business Need Fiber Internet? 

Consider where your company will be in the next five years. If you’ll have more team members, be using cloud-based services or productivity tools, or be hosting an eCommerce site or videoconferencing with collaborators, you’ll need fiber’s greater bandwidth and faster speeds. 

Why Choose WOW! Internet For Your Business Fiber Internet 

WOW! Business Internet will show you how your small business can realize significant cost savings due to greater productivity with a fiber-optic network upgrade. We will provide a tailor-made fiber internet  solution for your company that gives you all the bandwidth you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment. We offer Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) with speeds of up to 10 Gbps, or our Fiber Flex shared service for a more economical, high-quality option. 

For more information about how we can help your small business succeed, contact us today.