Connect with Customers Anywhere, Anytime with Any Phone

Virtual Business Phone Services

Connect with Your Callers Anywhere Using Virtual Voice Solutions

WOW! Business Virtual telephone system combine a virtual business line with a web portal to control how, when and where incoming phone calls are routed - at any time, day-or-night.

Share inbound calls among your team members, forward calls to multiple numbers at the same time, or in sequential order. Sync your home, cell, or other phones (even if they’re not WOW! Business phones) to receive calls when your virtual phone number rings, plus forward to any list of numbers.

With WOW! Business virtual phone services you can single-handedly conduct business from anywhere in the U.S. while maintaining the appearance of a large enterprise.

Who Needs a Virtual Business Phone System?

The Road Warrior

WOW! Business Virtual Voice is perfect for any business that runs without an actual physical office. If you work out of your car or operate two or more businesses from your cell phone you can set up Virtual Voice numbers to ring to your cell number. You control when your cell phone rings, and when the calls go to Voicemail, or to a fellow team member. Get your nights and off-days back by forwarding business calls while leaving your cell phone on for personal calls.

New In Town

Virtual business phone systems help you set up communications and start establishing relationships in advance of your move while you’re building a brick and mortar location. The Virtual Voice number becomes your local number until you’re are ready to open your local office.

Leaving Town

If your business is moving out of the area you can leave a local number so your customers can reach you. We’ll port your main number to WOW! Business Virtual Voice and those calls will follow you wherever in the U.S. you want them to go.